Monday, March 16, 2009

An Afternoon in UP

My husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day in UP, for a more relaxed and crowd-free atmosphere. Of course, this date is for free! Hehe... No fancy stuff, just plain walks in the park.

We took shots of different things - the lush trees, children playing, lovers in the lagoon... Simple things like a date in UP reminds me of how my husband and I used to be when we were starting out as a couple in college - young, carefree and less-stressed about life and work.



  1. Hi, you have some lovely pictures there. Trees are one of my favourite things to photograph, but I was worried people wouldn't be interested so I don't put them on my blog! I will be now though, thank you!

  2. thanks bemused26! glad to know that you liked the pictures. best regards.