Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Summer Getaway!

Last May, my husband tagged me along to Iba, Zambales. It was their project's summer outing and they were allowed to bring a guest.

Bakasyunan Resort. It was big enough to accommodate everyone from my husband's company plus other guests - families, other companies, etc.

This was the Nipa Hut where we, together with another couple stayed.

Took some photos of the beach.

A snapshot of a dog doing his thing..

The amazing sunset..

Another snapshot..

and another..

This was taken the next day. Loved the bamboo fence..

Another look at the beach..

Some people's backs..

These I took while we were in the bus. The weather was fine and the clouds were really pretty..

Remnants of the lahar..

Someone brought his toy..

The new NLEX.. nice.

More clouds..

Another day passed.. another sunset..

Till next post.. :)