Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Summer Getaway!

Last May, my husband tagged me along to Iba, Zambales. It was their project's summer outing and they were allowed to bring a guest.

Bakasyunan Resort. It was big enough to accommodate everyone from my husband's company plus other guests - families, other companies, etc.

This was the Nipa Hut where we, together with another couple stayed.

Took some photos of the beach.

A snapshot of a dog doing his thing..

The amazing sunset..

Another snapshot..

and another..

This was taken the next day. Loved the bamboo fence..

Another look at the beach..

Some people's backs..

These I took while we were in the bus. The weather was fine and the clouds were really pretty..

Remnants of the lahar..

Someone brought his toy..

The new NLEX.. nice.

More clouds..

Another day passed.. another sunset..

Till next post.. :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Holy Week in the Province

My husband and I usually go to his family's province to spend the Holy Week. This year's was one of them. Take a look at the pictures that capture the Filipino tradition of faith. I have also posted pictures that describe the simple, laid-back life that I enjoy.

The Procession and the communion of Saints.

The Penitensya

The Church while the procession was ongoing.

The empty altar.

The Santo En Tierro. People line up to see the Black Nazarene in the coffin up close.

The Simple Things... Live chicken ready to be dressed.

The unpolluted streets.

My favorite spot - Lerma's Halo Halo. How I love the Halo Halo and Pancit Bihon they serve here!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One Fine Saturday at the La Mesa Eco Park

The whole family went to La Mesa Eco Park last March 28 for a bonding session. It was my brother's second anniversary with her girlfriend so he invited the whole family to celebrate their special day with them.

It was also in La Mesa Eco Park where my husband and I had our prenuptial pictorial October of 2007.

My husband and I took pictures of the beautiful sights in the park. Here they are.

The lush greens


Solitude in the rain

The ugly duckling

Picnic lunch

There was even a commercial shoot for Nissin Instant Mami :-)

The little girl and her little bike

Last few shots before we left

Monday, March 16, 2009

An Afternoon in UP

My husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day in UP, for a more relaxed and crowd-free atmosphere. Of course, this date is for free! Hehe... No fancy stuff, just plain walks in the park.

We took shots of different things - the lush trees, children playing, lovers in the lagoon... Simple things like a date in UP reminds me of how my husband and I used to be when we were starting out as a couple in college - young, carefree and less-stressed about life and work.